We have 98 hook-up locations with electric and water, so getting a good place to park should not be a problem. We do recommend calling ahead to reserve your space, particularly for our scheduled rides. On-site dump station is available if needed.

Horse Stalls

The stall dividers go all the way to the top to prevent busy noses from reaching over. The dividers are heavy duty “screens,” which provide ventilation, visibility, and security. We now have 176 stalls. As with camping areas, we suggest reserving stalls in advance, particularly if you’d like to be in a certain area.

Shower House

We have spacious & modern bathroom and shower facilities. One for the Cowboys and one for the Cowgirls. This means plenty of room to clean up after a long day in the saddle!

Dining Hall

Dining Hall

Our dining hall is used for special events, such as our Halloween festivities. It is also available for rent for your wedding, family reunion, educational conference, or other event.

General Store

General Store



Age Daily Rate
All ages $10.00 per person
Age Daily Rate
Adult (ages 13 and up) $32.00 per person
Child (ages 6-12) $20.00 per person
Toddler (ages 5 and below) Free

This includes water and electric, breakfast and supper for a 24-hour period.

Last day breakfast is offered for $10 per person.

Horse stalls are available (and required usage) at $15.00 per horse for time of stay for scheduled ride. Not all stalls are covered, but open stalls are available at the same price if no covered stalls are available.

We highly recommend reserving your stall space well in advance of your arrival.

Please note: In order to secure a campsite and necessary stalls, please call and send deposit (30 days before planned ride). A $32.00 deposit is required to hold campsites and stalls (send to the address shown in the top right corner of this page). We will hold your requested site and stalls up to 2 weeks after you call; UPON RECEIVING YOUR DEPOSIT, your spaces will be secured. The deposit will be applied to the total fee. A WAIVER MUST BE SIGNED BY EVERY INDIVIDUAL AT THE OFFICE BEFORE ENTERING THE CAMPGROUND. FOR ANY OR ALL RIDING OR JUST BEING ON THE GROUNDS. To receive a refund of your deposit a 30 day notice prior to scheduled ride in required.

Number of Campers Daily Rate
1 Person (Any age) $15.00 per site
2 People (Any age) $25.00 per site
Additional people (Any age) $5.00 per person

The ranch is available for camping and riding any time in addition to the scheduled rides. If you want to secure a particular campsite we need at least two weeks notice and a deposit of $15.00 per campsite. When you arrive we will apply that to the final fee.

$5 per horse stall per day up to 3 days.

$15 per horse stall one time fee for 4 or more days.

On-site dump stations are available.

Type Rate
Rider Includes 1 stall per rider. Additional stalls are available for an extra charge. $210.00 per person
Non-Rider $110.00 per person

If you want to bring a horse just to ride and not be involved with the cattle activities, you will still be charged the “riders” price.

Deposits, transfers, refunds policy and fees

For Scheduled Rides With 2 Meals:

  • $32 deposit is required for the next year if you want same site and stalls for scheduled rides. Reservations for the next year will stay open for one week after scheduled ride. If you don’t contact us within the one week, your site and stalls will be opened for anyone. If you want you same site and stalls, we advise you make your reservation before you leave on the last day of your scheduled ride.
  • If we haven’t received your deposit two weeks prior to scheduled ride, your campsite comes open for someone else. No exceptions.
    Refunds only granted if cancelled one (1) month in advance of scheduled ride. No exceptions.
  • No transfer from one (1) month to the next month within the same year.
  • No transferring to someone else.
  • You can roll over a deposit to the next year if you give one (1) month notice.

For Scheduled Rides Without Meals:

  • $15 deposit is required.
  • Refunds are the same as scheduled rides.


  • Negative coggins test within 12 months on all mounts.
  • Health certificate for all out-of-state mounts.
  • No rough-riding in camp or on trails.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on organized rides.
  • No stallions without advanced permission.
  • Not responsible for injury or accidents to riders or mounts.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any reservation.
  • All camps to be quiet by midnight (no loud music or noises).
  • Dogs allowed only in your campsite. MUST BE ON LEASH.
  • No ATV’s, motorcycles, or bicycles allowed.
  • All riders must have armband or a valid visitor’s pass with them at all times.
  • We have 4000 acres to enjoy. Please abide by the “No Trespassing” signs.

Speaking of cooling off, after spending trail time with your trusty stead, why not let your mount rest for a spell, while you head on over to the creek with your lawn chair. There you can relax with your toes in the water and enjoy the soothing sound of the babbling of the brook. The creek is just a short 5-mile drive from camp. Perhaps you would rather head back over to the Osage River, maybe do a little fishing even. It is a short drive from camp also.



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